Ethical dilemmas in Anthropology

Ethics, integrity and data Management: Anthropological  Strategies 11:40 AM – 01:10 PM Nooterzaal Increasingly confronted with rules and regulations for data management and open science, we feel it is urgent for anthropology to revisit dilemmas about ethics, integrity and open science. Focusing on the person of the researcher and the… Verder lezen

Don’t miss this year’s Visual Anthropology Panel on experimental multimodal methodologies

Beyond conventional media strategies: Visual Anthropology’s use of experimental multimodal methodologies in addressing urgent matters 11:40 AM – 01:10 PM Grote Zaal This panel will explore different experimental visual strategies employed by visual anthropologists in addressing contemporary issues. Out of the different presentations emerges the need to explore new media… Verder lezen

‘Diversiteits toolbox’ bediscussieerd in World Café workshop

World Café Workshop over diversiteit in het onderwijs 11:40 AM – 01:10 PM Paviljoenzaal Te vaak wordt de inhoud van universitaire cursussen bepaald door mainstream canon en epistemologie, vanuit een voornamelijk westers, wit, mannelijk, seculier, heteroseksueel en ‘able-bodied’ perspectief. In deze workshop willen we met elkaar nadenken over hoe we… Verder lezen

Anthropology Day 2018 opens with roundtable on decolonizing anthropology

Plenary Roundtable ‘Decolonizing Anthropology?’ 09:40 AM – 11:10 AM Grote Zaal We will open the Anthropology Day with a plenary roundtable on ‘Decolonizing anthropology?’ Five speakers will discuss whether anthropology is in need of decolonization. What would they understand decolonization to mean? What should be done, and who should take… Verder lezen