A discourse of displacement: the local infrastructure of populism – #2 Of the blogseries by Paul Mepschen

The allegedly disenfranchised whites play a central role in this year’s election cycle in Europe. How are we to understand the populist moment and what role can ethnography play in these analyses? This is part 2 of Paul Mepschen’s populism blog series. Who are ‘the people’? In the Netherlands, the construction… Verder lezen

The Antilles, Or Why We Should All Move On From That Concept

Tachyk Nahar studies Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University and specializes in the topics gender, sexuality, and race. She interned at the New Urban Collective and currently works on her bachelor research on gender in online social spheres of video games. Tachyk emigrated from Curaçao to the Netherlands in 2013. For antropologen.nl she wrote this blog… Verder lezen

De Beauty Mythe in Los Angeles

Robin Smit is op het moment bezig met haar masteronderzoek Culturele Antropologie aan de Universiteit van Utrecht. Ze doet onderzoek naar het lichaamsbeeld van vrouwen en hoe dit beeld wordt beïnvloed door Personal Body Management; onder andere sporten en gezond eten. In deze ‘Uit het veld’ legt Robin uit dat… Verder lezen