ABv working-group “Public Anthropology” presents the workshop “An introduction to Participatory Action Research”

On January 19th, the ABv working group “Public Anthropology” welcomes you to the workshop “Anthropologists Meet Participatory Action Research (PAR)”. After having organized several round-tables and panel discussions about the topics of public and collaborative anthropology, this event focuses on the specific approach of PAR. PAR is a research approach with which researchers not only aim to understand societal issues but also wish to contribute to social change by combining theory, action and participation. The aim of the approach is to rethink and reinterpret complex issues in close collaboration with participants, synthesize different types of knowledge, and collectively develop solutions. In this workshop, we discuss the radical potential of PAR, as well as its challenges and applicability for the work of anthropologists. But most importantly, we’ll get to work. Rosalba Icaza and Kees Biekart, both practitioners and educators of participatory approaches, will take us along PAR exercises to experience its workings in practice. We hope the encounter with PAR will inspire us to continue the conversation about the role of anthropologists in society. We look forward to your participation!

Doors open: 12:30
Start event: 13:00
End event: 16:30 (Drinks afterwards)

The exact location will be announced soon. Please write to the following email-address to secure a place: m.a.debuck@uu.nl. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 20. Full=full, so don’t hesitate to register as soon as possible!

Workshop facilitators:
Kees Biekart, Associate Professor in political sociology at ISS (Click here for more information)
Rosalba Icaza, Assistant Professor at ISS (Click here for more information)

Workshop organizers:
Yvon van der Pijl, Elisabet Rasch, Merel de Buck (Working group Public Anthropology ABv)

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