2 Doctoral Researchers Project Framing Future – University of Cologne

The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) “Future Rural Africa. Future-making and social-ecological transformation” combines expertise from the two Universities of Bonn and Cologne to study newly emerging issues of social-ecological transformation and future-making in Africa. Project C5 “Framing Future“ invites applications for 2 Doctoral Researcher(s).


  • Carry out research on „Temporal frames of reference in land conversions in the KAZA region“ and compile a PhD thesis as part of the project. Conduct long-term field research in Namibia/Botswana (minimally 12 months in 2019/20).
  • Conduct an intensive study of the available literature on the area and comparatively on cultural frames of time. Record ethnographically the repertoire of relevant temporal frames of references (concepts of time, practices of timing). Contribute to the CRC at large.


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