Tuesday 8 June, 20:00-21:00 | Please register via Eventbrite

ABv webinar #3 is intended to inspire anthropology students in their quest of finding a suitable job after their studies. We want to provide an in-dept overview of what possibilities are out there for them and they can find their way on the job market.

This webinar is organised by the focus group on the labour market of the Dutch Anthropology Organisation. Yara van Hamburg, member of the focus group and board member of the association, will host the webinar. We kick-off with the book “Anthropologists Wanted”. Two out three authors will attend our webinar. Authors Laurens Bakker and Masja Cohen will tell us about their book. “Anthropology Wanted” presents a survey of anthropologists in the job market, containing unique insights for anyone who plans to study, is studying or has studied anthropology. “Anthropologists Wanted” includes portraits of anthropologists, interviews with employers and many more!

Laurens Bakker is associate professor and researcher at the Anthropology department of the University of Amsterdam.

Masja Cohen is Senior Advisor Social Domain at consultancy Haute Equipe.

The second part of the webinar is presented by Rosalie Post and Corina Enache. They will enlighten us about applied anthropology and the job market. Their initiative Namla aims to give anthropologists an immersed bootcamp experience of applied anthropology at work, be it in a business- or (non)governmental environment. In a week, participants learn how to do a fast ethnography project, design and test an intervention, and present that to a client or stakeholder. The portfolio project that is produced this way can be placed on a CV, and throughout the experience participants learn what a future employer expects to hear, and how the nuanced research anthropologists do fits in with organizational cultures that might on the outside look like they mainly value money, time, or direct effect.

Corina Enache has finished two bachelors in both political science and marketing and an MSc in cultural anthropology. She worked in marketing for a decade before coming to anthropology, ran her own applied anthropology consultancy for several years and is currently Head of Organizational Culture at airline Transavia. She also has a podcast called The Human Show and co-hosts the Interbuilding Applied Anthropology Meetup.

Rosalie Post has a more ‘typical theoretical anthropologist’ background, with a bachelors and a research master’s in cultural anthropology. After her studies, she rolled into the field of housing policy, and she has since moved somewhat around in the fascinating world of (non)governmental agencies. Currently Rosalie is employed as a policy advisor/researcher with RIGO Research & Advies. Besides that, her passion for applied anthropology comes alive at Namla and co-hosting the Interbuilding Applied Anthropology Meetup.