Dreaming about futures of anthropology teaching
Workshop | Anthropology Day 2019 |

In this workshop, we hope to collectively dream about and play with alternative ways of teaching anthropology. Kristine Krause (University of Amsterdam) invites participants to experience alternative forms of teaching and learning together that draw on theatre practices. How can we create other forms of knowing, for instance through working with space, movement and the body? Sterre Herstel will explore the potential of anarchist and nomadic ideas for teaching anthropology. What alternatives do these ideas suggest from current teaching practices in a neoliberal academic setting? What would anthropology look like without academic authority and with more praxis? She invites participants to think and dream with her. We end the workshop with collecting hunches, dreams and provocations for a future anthropology education that will hopefully challenge and inspire us.

Convener: Anouk de Koning (ABv/Leiden University)

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