Ethics, integrity and data Management: Anthropological  Strategies

11:40 AM – 01:10 PM

Increasingly confronted with rules and regulations for data management and open science, we feel it is urgent for anthropology to revisit dilemmas about ethics, integrity and open science. Focusing on the person of the researcher and the protection of our interlocutors, we will engage with issues such as positionality, disclosure, transparency, anonymity, and data ownership. The panelists and the audience are invited to join a discussion on possible guidelines and on a broader statement on ethics and integrity.



Kim Knibbe is associate professor in the anthropology and sociology of religion at Groningen University. She is currently directing the 5-year NWO funded research project Sexuality, Religion and Secularism. Cultural encounters in the African Diaspora in the Netherlands (with Rachel Spronk, UvA). Previously, she has carried out ethnographic research on Catholicism and spirituality in local life in the Netherlands and on Nigerian Pentecostalism in Europe and the Netherlands.

Younes Saramifar, PhD is a lecturer and a research fellow at the department of social and cultural anthropology in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He pursues material culture of religiosity and combat-zones as well as textures of violence by way of ethnography in the Central and Western Asia. His latest publication is Enchanted by the AK-47: Contingency of body and the weapon among Hezbollah militants in the Journal of Material Culture.

Annelies Moors is an anthropologist and professor of contemporary Muslim societies at the University of Amsterdam. She has done extensive fieldwork in the Middle East (esp Palestine and Yemen) and Europe (esp the Netherlands). Currently she is the PI of a NWO grant on ‘Muslim Activism’, and of an ERC advanced grant on
‘Problematizing “Muslim marriages”: Ambiguities and Contestations’.

Martijn de Koning is working at the Department of Islamstudies at Radboud University Nijmegen and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently involved in a three research projects: Dutch Muslims living in the UK (RU), Muslim activism (UvA) and Islamic marriages in the Netherlands (UvA). He has published about Salafism, radicalization, Islamophobia and racialization and (militant) activism.