Masterclass March 29, 2019 @WUR with Katy Jenkins (Northumbria University)

Making your research accessible to the public: challenges and opportunities

In this Masterclass with Katy Jenkins (Northumbria University, Newcastle) we will explore different ways in which we can make our research (more accessible to the) public. In the first part we use the experiences and research of the workshop participants to explore what the different options are for making academic research accessible to the broader public and/or our research participants. We use this as input for an on-spot exercise in making (elements of)  your research public by way of writing a small blog, or making a picture, ultra-brief film fragment or podcast.

We will then discuss the practicalities of making these “products” public, how they would speak to the (which) public, and why, and what the implications would be for your research and research participants. We will also delve into questions as: When is our/your research public? Is making your research public a way of “doing good” and why? What are the criteria—if there are any—for such public “products” of our research in order to be public? What are the risks and challenges associated with taking this approach and making our research public and what might we need to consider in relation to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our participants?


Date, time and location: Friday 29 March 2019, 09.30-12 am, C71 (Leeuwenborch, Hollandseweg 1) Wageningen University

The maximum number of participants is 15, so be quick to register if you’re interested, but before March 22 at the latest! Register by sending an e-mail to:


–          One week before the Masterclass, two readings will be sent to you. In addition, participants will be asked to send a brief overview of their research before March 27.

–          Bring something from your research – a quote, a life history, a vignette (or more), an artefact, a recipe with a story – that you would like to use for the on-the spot exercise. For questions, send an e-mail to:

About Katy Jenkins:

Dr Katy Jenkins is an Associate Professor in International Development. She is an interdisciplinary feminist scholar with specialisms in gender and development; women’s activism; NGOs, professionalisation and the changing nature of civil society. Katy has recently completed a Leverhulme Fellowship, developing an innovative participatory photography project on women’s anti-mining activism. Katy’s research has a particular focus on Latin America, and she has conducted extensive qualitative research in Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

The project on Women, Mining and Participatory Photography in the Peruvian Andes explores the experiences and perspectives of women living in communities impacted by proposed and actual large scale mining projects in Peru. Using participatory photography, the women have captured images that demonstrate their ways of thinking through alternative forms of Development in the context of living with, and contesting, large scale mining projects, using their photos as a form of activism and resistance.

This Masterclass is hosted by WASS, the CSPS (Centre for Space, Place and Society) Cluster for Grassroot Politics,  Dept. of Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University and the ABv (Antropologen Beroepen vereiniging)) Public Anthropology Working group.