Dag van de Antropologie 2017: Solidarity!

DagOn Friday May 19, the Dutch Anthropological Association (ABv) organizes its yearly “Dag van de Antropologie/Anthropology Day”. This year’s theme is Solidarity! Solidarity is a key theme in today’s world, marked as it is by various crises induced by war, climate change and economic inequalities. In this interactive day of presentations and discussions, we explore how people find or fail to find common ground in times of crisis. We will not only explore how solidarity may be described and understood in the era of climate change and the refugee crisis, but we’ll also discuss the methodological and ethical challenges of studying and engaging in solidarity (movements).

The Dag van de Antropologie starts at 9 am  and ends at 6 pm.  After the plenary opening with Keynote speech, different rooms will host panel discussions and workshops. Some will be organized in English and some in Dutch (as shown in the program). Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates on the program or check the facebook-event.

Instituto Cervantes Utrecht
Domplein 3 / 3512 Utrecht

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Workshop 1: Pricing Solidarity (English spoken)
Organized by: Erik Bähre (Associate Professor at the Institute of CAOS of Leiden University) and Nikkie Buskermolen, Tim van de Meerendonk, Irene Moretti, and Nikki Mulder (all PhD Candidates at CAOS Leiden University)


When people want to build solidarity and guard human dignity they often imagine a space outside of the money economy. A common held view is that solidarity and human dignity have to be defended against capitalism, neoliberalism, and money in general.  But one can also see that money and solidarity can go together quite well. It would be difficult to imagine the solidarity of the welfare state without money. After all, without money it would not be possible to have a tax system that finances care arrangements. One could also argue that even commercial insurance is a form of solidarity. Commercial insurance is at the heart of the global financial system and some of its financial products (derivatives) caused the global financial crisis of 2007. By taking commercial insurance as a starting point, we will examine the key dynamics of solidarity with two interactive exercises!

Panel:   Activism and academia: a conversation (English spoken)
Organized by  Martijn de Koning (UvA/Radboud), Erella Grassiani (UvA), Mitchell Esajas (New Urban Collective) and Anne de Jong (UvA)

workshop 2

In this closing panel, four speakers will discuss the dilemmas that they encounter in their combination of anthropology and activism. Our speakers, Martijn de Koning (UvA/Radboud), Erella Grassiani (UvA), Mitchell Esajas (New Urban Collective) and Anne de Jong (UvA), combine anthropology and activism in different ways, ranging from studying activism as an anthropologist to having a prominent activist presence. Our discussion will start from the speakers’ concrete dilemmas and experiences, and will move into a plenary discussion of solidarity and neutrality, politics and science, engagement and analytical distance.

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